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Whether you need a strong ally for a business dispute or personal injury matter or a skillful negotiator for a real estate or construction issue, Adler Law has the experience and know-how to get it done.

Attorney Robert Adler’s relaxed approach allows parties to work together to find fair solutions and optimal outcomes. However, when client interests are at stake, he does not hesitate to litigate on their behalf.

Adler Law also provides mediation services at fair rates. A meticulous negotiator, Robert Adler served for a number of years on the Alternative Dispute Resolution panel for the Superior Court.

As both an attorney and a mediator, he is a true advocate and protector of legal rights.

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Restraining Order Law

If you are a victim of being stalked; harassed; sexually assaulted; threatened, physically abused, and/or financially abused, there are California Restraining Order laws that exist to protect you.

There are different types of Civil restraining orders, each with its own eligibility requirements and steps to obtain that restraining order.

The three main types of restraining orders are:

  1. Domestic Violence Restraining Order
  2. Civil Harassment Restraining Order
  3. Elder or Dependent Adult Abuse Restraining Order

What is a Domestic Violence Restraining Order?
Victims of domestic violence may request a domestic violence restraining order if the victim and his or her abuser are in a domestic relationship or are closely related.

Relationships between the victim and the abuser that are eligible for domestic violence restraining orders include: 1) a married couple; 2) domestic partners; 3) divorces; 4) dating or formerly dating couples; couples who share a child or children; 5) couples that live together or formerly resided with one another (A roommate scenario is insufficient to qualify as a domestic relationship.).

What is a Civil Harassment Restraining Order?
It is a court order that helps protect people from harassment. Civil Harassment Restraining Orders are different from Domestic Violence Restraining Orders in that the person harassing is not related to a person you have dated or who are closely related.

A person may seek protection if you are worried about your safety because you are being: stalked; harassed; sexually assaulted; threatened; or there have been acts of violence against you by someone with whom you do not have an intimate or familial relationship, such as a neighbor or roommate, great-grandparent, great-grandchild, niece/nephew, aunt/uncle, cousin, classmate, etc.

What is an Elder Abuse Restraining Order?
An elder (age 65 or older) or dependent adult (ages 18-64 with physical and/or mental disabilities) abuse restraining order applies to a person seeking a protective order who falls within the definition of an elder or dependent adult, and a victim of physical or financial abuse; neglect, abandonment, or isolation; treatment that has been physically or mentally harmful to the elder or dependent adult; a deprived by a caregiver of goods or services you needed to avoid harm or suffering, or emotionally abused by a caregiver.

Although the California Restraining Order laws are designed for a layperson to handle themselves, the timelines, procedures, and hearings are fast-paced and an experienced lawyer can help ensure success.

Let our office help you migrate through the process and help you achieve the protection you seek.

Construction Law

Adler Law has frequently assisted with the following residential construction issues: 

  • Construction Defects: When there are defects in the construction of your new home or building, your investment can be jeopardized. If the contractor won’t repair the damage or your insurance company shies away from covering losses, we can help.
  • Construction Contracts: We can assist you with reviewing, drafting, and negotiating a construction contract. When we create an agreement for you, it will contain terms and conditions that help you realize the greatest possible profit while protecting you against liability.
  • Mechanic’s Liens: When a contractor, subcontractor, or supplier has provided work for a project but has not been paid, Adler Law can assist in filing a mechanic’s lien that secures their right to compensation.
  • Stop Payment Notices: A stop payment notice establishes a lien on undisbursed funds held by a project owner or lender. It can ensure that contractors and others get paid in situations where mechanic’s liens are not feasible, such as a public works project.
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Real Estate

If you are buying, selling, or leasing property in or around Woodland Hills, you can turn to Adler Law with confidence. We are in tune with the local real estate market and the conflicts that can arise during transactions, and can provide the following legal services:

  • Quiet Title: Quiet title disputes arise when property or land ownership is in doubt. There may have been an improper real estate transaction, unrecorded easement, or old mortgage. Adler Law can initiate a quiet title action that removes opposing claims or challenges, leaving you with a clean title.
  • Broker Disputes: Broker disputes can be caused by a variety of issues, such as contractual disagreements and nonpayment of brokerage fees. No matter what the situation, Adler Law can provide the counsel and advice needed to resolve the matter.
  • Real Estate Litigation: Property is a substantial investment, so protecting it is important. We handle all types of real estate disputes, including boundary issues, contract challenges, and commercial leasing disagreements.
  • Property Purchase and Sale Agreements: In property transactions, both buyer and seller need to protect their interests and rights. We limit your risk by ensuring that your purchase or sale agreement is correctly drafted.
  • Agent Disputes: Real estate agents are expected to follow standard industry practices as well as regulatory and statutory requirements. When they fail to do so, we can help you seek appropriate damages.

Business Litigation

Our business litigation practice encompasses a wide array of commercial disputes. We can handle most litigation cases arising under the general principles of California business and contract law.

If you need assistance in any of the following situations, call Adler Law today.

  • Corporate Formation: Selecting the right business entity can give you peace of mind by minimizing your personal exposure to risk. We will help you form a C-corporation or S-corporation and guide you through the process of registering the business and remaining legally compliant with California regulations.
  • Limited Liability Company Formation: If you want to protect the company and your personal assets but don’t intend to go public or seek outside investment, an LLC could be the best option for you. We will assist you in filing all required documents with the California Secretary of State and advise you on maintaining compliance.
  • Corporate and Limited Liability Company Disputes: Corporations and limited liability companies (LLCs) both have the potential for an internal dispute that could compromise the company’s success. Adler Law will represent your interests as you and the other members work towards a resolution.
  • Partnership Disputes: Disputes within a partnership can potentially disrupt the business and have a long-term effect on its reputation. Adler Law will work with you to resolve your dispute as efficiently and fairly as possible.
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Alternative dispute resolution processes such as mediation are being embraced as a private, informal, and cost-effective means of resolving a legal dispute. It also preserves valuable working relationships because both sides are allowed to craft a solution in a confidential setting. 

Adler Law is pleased to offer effective and experienced mediation services for your civil disagreement. We will ask questions that inspire serious thought and help you and the other party draft a mutually acceptable agreement, all while maintaining a neutral position. Adler Law prides itself on successful results with smaller disputes at very reasonable prices.

Personal Injury

We protect the rights of those who have been seriously injured by the wrongful or negligent actions of another person or entity. Cases we handle include California slips and falls, dog bites, motor vehicle accidents, pedestrian injuries, and wrongful death claims.

Let us advocate for you at the negotiation table or in the courtroom, so that you get the compensation you need to recover. No matter what your legal matter may be, you can count on us for informed guidance, experienced legal counsel, and dedicated attention to your case.

To schedule a consultation, please contact Adler Law.

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General Probate and Trust Litigation

Involving primarily the prosecution and defense of third-party creditor claims and disgruntled beneficiaries.

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